Social Tables

Social Tables is the most complete event planning solution. It’s the best technological tool to organize an event easily, quickly an efficiently.


Be more competitive, increase your ability to manage more clients and events

With Social Tables, you can shorten your event planning process. You can manage client requests in the cloud without unnecessary emails and calls and also work seamlessly across any computer, tablet or mobile device, communicating online revisions and requests. Social Tables enables you planning more events without losing you attention to detail, customize our software to match event’s need and add new teammates to your account as your team grows. Social Tables helps you concentrating on executing, not planning, and this is the way to increase your ability to manage more clients and events.

Improving the client experience

Invite clients to work with you online, keep them in the loop by sharing the right information and impress them with deliverables that show the value of your services.  You can offer your clients superior service and technology amenities, and they will thank you.

Effective layouts

Social Tables offers turnaround room layouts using the fastest diagramming software available. You can include scaled floor plans in BEOs to sell when you’re not in the room. You can also share scaled layouts with vendors to make sure every detail meets your needs. Store frequently used spaces and diagrams online for future use.

Intelligent seating

Social Tables shows track information about your attendees to prevent seating errors. Visual seating allows your staff to identify and engage with high profile attendees and text alerts notify multiple phones when they arrive.

Analyze the data

Social Tables provide valuable data to show Return On Objectives and information about event attendance. It enables you to transfer data back to your database for event tracking. You will be better prepared for future events

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