roomPulse is a revolutionary technology that solves all possible movements based on reservation requirements and room availabilities, resulting in more optimal upgrades being granted to the right guests. roomPulse turns guests into loyal guests and increases their spend.


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Optimal room assignment

roomPulse ensures optimal room assignment at all times to all guests, and specifically those most valuable to the chain, the brand and hotel management, thereby considerably increasing guest loyalty and spend.
The struggle for room assignment, premium assets under-priced, slow check-ins, guests’ dissatisfaction and other problems of the hotel’s reality are a thing of the past.

Reduce cost

roomPulse assembles all reservation aspects including additional value components (VIP codes, loyalty levels, company...) at the same time and matches these with the corresponding room aspects based on overall value of the guest, detailed availability of individual rooms and features, cost/benefit of every movement. roomPulse does it in seconds and in real time, while giving users full control over the system.

Increase guest satisfaction

roomPulse ensures that the most valuable guests are recognized and prioritizes upgrades accordingly. The upgrade rules are based on loyalty programas optimally adhered to at all times.
roomPulse allows more confident overselling of the base room categories and increasing prices for premium assets to capitalize both on suite bookers and standard demand.

All are benefits

Hotels using roomPulse make optimal use of assets, defragment room inventory, set and control room assignment rules and increase guest satisfaction. The hotels reduce time spent in managing room movements, oversell room-types with confidence, reduce check-in times and lines, upsell more at the front desk and empower inventory management.

Clean, uncluttered user interface

roomPulse uses the latest users interface technologies and provide clear recommendations and full control at your fingertips.

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