nSight travel intelligence

nSight is the hottest new tool in travel technology that allows you understanding how travel consumers shop online. With this real business intelligence solution, you can make better decisions, optimize competitive rate, turnaround soft periods and improve sell-out efficiency. nSight for travel helps you compete smarter.


An unprecedented view of the global online travel world

Know millions of  travel consumers personally. Only nSight aggregates 80 millions of shopper “looks and books” every day from a network of 5,000 third-party travel sites. That’s the world’s largest database of “looks and books” by active shoppers.

nSight improves hotel marketing and revenue management capabilities

Ensure that you understand consumer shopping behavior, preferences and demand for future dates as well as how you stack up against your competition for those travelers.
nSight shows you who is shopping and booking you and your competitors, the right demographics to target and the markets ready to convert for you.
nSight empowers hoteliers to make decisions to increase marketing returns and grow marketing share.

Easy ways to use data

nSight travel intelligence is presented in a custom Business Intelligence interface, designed to ensure optimal user experience and data visualization. You get answers without sifting through column after column of information. You won’t believe how simple nSight has made the complex world of big travel data.
Your hotel have several ways to use data -an interactive, deep dive with the nSight BI Dashboard, an integrated view of rate and market demand with nSight Rate Intelligence, and a forward-looking report called nCompass BI Reporting.

nSight BI Dashboard

Benchmarck your hotel’s performance on third-party websites worldwide for the past or up to 90 days into the future. Deep dive into top source markets, dates when your hotel is under -or over- performing. See the rates of competitors and how they relate to your search and conversion online.

nSight Rate Intelligence

With nSight Rate Intelligence you know to hold, raise or lower rates for future arrival dates based on the volume of expected travelers.
You can view market demand for the first time by active online consumers for your hotel and your competitors to see what dates you need business over the next 90 days, and where to market to get it.
You also know the shoppers most likely to shop/book/stay within your 30 -and 60- day forecast windows, and target them by demographics and home markets for max marketing returns.
You can use predictive insights from third-parties to your advantage and get more bookings on your website.

nCompass BI Reporting

With nCompass you know if you’ll make your monthly budget or not. You can see where your hotel stands for the next 30 and 60 days. So you can make better decisions on rate, revenue management and allocations to drive more business from third-party sites and your website.

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