Duetto transforms the way hotels price and sell rooms by providing new and better information and making it clear, accessible, and actionable across the hotel enterprise.


Unlock your potential

A comprehensive revenue strategy means much more than simply pricing hotel rooms. It includes analyzing consumer behavior and the wealth of information now available to make smarter decisions, and it's critical to driving healthy revenue, making informed distribution choices, and optimizing profitability.
Utilizing new consumer-centric data sets such as web shopping regrets and denials, social review, air traffic, weather and more, Duetto delivers powerful insights on pricing and demand, which translates into increased revenue and higher profitability.

Take control

Optimize mix and independently yield all channels. Leverage price elasticity by market segment. Keep third party distribution channels open with fewer restrictions, and float pricing to demand to maximize rates while benefitting from the "billboard effect". You can also retain flexibility for property specific information - set pricing rules, price dynamically by room type, flag special events, re-segment customers anytime without resetting the system, or easily create custom on-demand Excel reports. The Duetto application enables all of this and much more.

See results from day one

Most systems take months or even years to become useful, because they have no historical data to draw from. Duetto can easily import all of your historical booking and reservation data before you even start to work with it. This lets customers hit the ground running and see results on day one, not day 365.

100% Cloud-based

Duetto is 100% cloud-based. Users can log in anytime, anywhere on any computer or mobile device and take immediate action.

Shared intelligence

Because it is a cloud-based application, revenue management, sales and marketing, operations, and management executives all log in and share the same data, leveraging valuable intelligence. Advanced forecasting and collaboration allows innumerable opportunities for better decision-making.

Rapid innovation

Thanks to a modern cloud architecture, Duetto users are always on the latest product instance. Duetto’s highly regarded engineering team dedicates 100% of development time on new features vs. servicing historical versions, and product upgrades are delivered seamlessly on a weekly basis with zero system downtime.
This rapid innovation also enables Duetto to provide an industry-leading user interface and experience that’s constantly improving. Users benefit from easy-to-digest visualization of important data to help make critical decisions.




Track lost business with web shopping data

Optimize every booking with Open Pricing

Save time and worry less with smart alerts


Respond from any device with multi-tenant cloud architecture


Collaborate across departments with customizable reports


Manage portfolios with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities

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